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Here are a FEW of the features in WRINGLE...but we're just getting started!

Social Platform

In a world of multi-taskers, our social environment will allow you to manage many hats and automatically distinguish you from others

ARC Management

The secure distribution of ARCs*, where Readers can easily find the genres they love, and authors can feel confident their pre-published and published eBooks are safe

eBook Stats

From knowing how many pages have been read to how long it takes to finish a book, authors and readers can examine reading behavior to improve and expand

Enhanced eReader

A customizable interface, fully integrated with an eStore, reviews and statistics, while bringing you exclusive extra features and content

Giveaway Management

Automatically integrated with multiple social media platforms for sharing and tallying of participation without having to seek outside tools

Events Directory

From virtual to local gatherings, easily discover a host of reader and author related activities at libraries, bookstores, conventions, virtual parties and more!


We are people who are passionate about connecting readers, authors and publishing professionals.
Arial Burnz

Arial Burnz


Over 20 years experience in the entertainment and publishing industries, her skills span creating award-winning teams, software and organizational development training, traditional and self-publishing, editing and cover design.

RJ Tolson

RJ Tolson


Over 5 years of quantifiable achievement and experience at launching start-up companies through tactical marketing, risk management and public relations. He is an internationally recognized brand and online figure as well as an award-winning author and composer.

Charles Henderson

Charles Henderson


Over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry as an IT Professional, his skills range from theatre design and production to project management, software development and implementation.


Mission Statement: To provide a platform for writers, readers and publishing professionals to unite in a progressive social environment for the love of books.

Our Vision

In the endless sea of digital books, it's difficult to find your next great read or discover a new author. Standing out above the crowd has become more difficult. Navigating the vastness of social media, overwhelming.

There IS a better way.

We believe in a world where...

  •  The adventure of finding a fabulous book is as wonderful as the story itself.
  •  The process of publishing a book is not only easy, but transparent.
  •  Identifying new talent is a breeze.

Our goal is to bring authors, readers and publishing professionals together organically. Come join our dream!

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*ARC = advanced review/reader copy